The Eddie Ross Touch

Added on by Natalie Grasso.

I had the great good fortune of scouring the D.C. Big Flea with Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar on Saturday and was it ever a treat. They came on my radar last October when Lonny published photos of their 1760s farmhouse in Millerton, NY. Before I even read the story I printed this shot of their mud room - everything I love about fall on one coat rack! Plus that tote bag and those horsebits, which in fact I love all year round. 

As you might imagine, Eddie is just brimming with brilliant ideas, and he shares them in such an exciting and practical way. Stopping at a stand full of what was, to my eyes, stodgy turkey china, Eddie zeroed in on a particular piece with pretty lime green and rosy pink details, saying well of course he'd do something to pull out that green, gingham napkins in the same shade perhaps? And we can't ignore the pink. Anchored then with something crisp and white and maybe brown, too - and voila, a perfectly and at once modern and traditional Thanksgiving table. Mom, if you're reading, brace yourself - I'm reeling with ideas for the holidays!

Turning the corner to a table chock full of old silver, Eddie picked up a few little olive forks - rather than showing up at a soiree with a bottle of wine for the hostess, why not go bearing vodka? Tied up with olives and a beautiful silver olive fork? I know I'd love it.

The afternoon went on just like this, at every stop, bargains, ideas, and new ways of seeing. It was all so joyful and contagious. I left the market with two prizes - a 1940s book of Georgetown homes (the old photos are priceless), and my own pretty olive fork (which, I might add, is the first piece of silver I've purchased myself - a milestone). And of course too I left with Eddie's many pearls of wisdom. To Eddie and Jaithan, thanks a million for the fun afternoon. You're both such inspirations! XO

Photos: Patrick Cline for Lonny, styled by Michelle Adams