Great American Style

Added on by Natalie Grasso.


One of my favorite workaday-dreams drops me smack in the middle of Dorothy Draper's Greenbrier, starring yours truly as a kind of down-home Eloise. I sit at my computer slackjawed, Googling the history, trolling the website... Accommodations? Don't tempt me. Live here? Yes please. Only 4 hours out of D.C., I've got to get there soon. Until then I'm content to marvel at photos of the interiors, maintained since the '60s by Carleton Varney (I think I have that right, no? Hard to tell where that famous "Draper Touch" tapers and Varney takes over). In any case, aren't all those greens singing such a beautiful song?! And just look at those striped walls. It's heaven.