Riedinger House

Added on by Natalie Grasso.

On the bucolic campus of my beloved alma mater sits this little old house, pictured above. I used to pass by it every morning on my way to class - I wanted to move right in! And if I’ve got the story straight, at one time, I may have been able to - something like 8 senior girls used to live there at once, many years ago, as part of an advanced “Domestic Sciences” class. Ha! The life. These days distinguished alumnae are invited to stay there when they return to visit the school. I’ve only been inside once - the décor is darling, as you might imagine. I wish I had thought to photograph it. Having been built slightly smaller relative to an average home - one has to duck through a few of the doorways - it’s a literal dollhouse. An ivy covered dollhouse with a dewy green garden. Ahh! How I miss my Saint Mary’s.

(Photo from Amanda Divine and Colin-Elizabeth Pier's book, Saint Mary's College)