Sophie's kitchen

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"The kitchen of which I speak is both literal and metaphoric. It's the sum of what I've learnt so far. This kitchen is a gentle and relaxed one, where a punishing, guilt-inducing attitude towards food will not be tolerated. In this kitchen we appreciate the restorative power of chocolate. The kitchen would have a fireplace, and if possible a few dogs curled up next to it. There might be a small upright piano by the window, with an orchid that doesn't wilt as soon as I look at it. On long summer days, the doors to the kitchen are thrown open, while a few lazy, non-stinging bees mosey by. Children stir. When it rains, there is room in this kitchen for reading and a spoon finding its way into the cake mix. Serious cups of tea are drunk here; idle gossip occurs, balance and humour prevail. It's the kitchen of my grandparents, but with some Bowie thrown in. It is lingering breakfasts, it is friends with babies on their knees, it is goodbye on a Sunday with the promise of more. This kitchen is where life occurs; jumbled, messy and delicious. It is lovely."

                                                                                   -Sophie Dahl, Elle Decoration UK, Sept. 2009