Haul out the holly

Added on by Natalie Grasso.


I have reccuring dreams about big white Georgians just like this one, and that's not even at Christmastime. This one is featured in the December issue of Greenwich, CT's Serendipity magazine - the gracious holiday trimming is the handiwork of a one very talented Mr. Eddie Ross, and it's almost more than I can handle. What I would give to deck out such a stately home! For now, while decidely smaller in scope, I've done my best to gin up the same holiday spirit in my own 400 square feet. A touch of garland here, old ornaments there, sprigs of pine on the bar - switch to Comcast's Yule Log On Demand and we've got ourselves a party! Cheers! Anyway, Eddie lends his holiday decorating magic each Christmas season to this home (the lucky owners!). This shot in particular is from his 2009 job, but he's promised on his blog that next week, he'll feature photos from this year. Eddie -- I'm waiting with bated breath! XOXO