Rock and wool

Added on by Natalie Grasso.

Happy Monday! Incredible fall weekend here in D.C. - crispy cable knit sweater weather and I loved every minute. Among other things (does anybody know how to preserve boxwood leaves?) I made headway with a big studio project (more on that later!) and then checked a bunch of other stuff off my list of things to do before this Friday's trip out west. Which brings me to our first matter of business. A fall wedding in San Diego. What to wear? I immediately thought of these photos, posted last month by Garance Doré and Scott Schuman, respectively. I looove the look of a wool crew neck pulled on over a full-ish skirt. It's so cozy, and yet, so chic! And while I'm certain my own take will hew decidedly toward the cozier end of the cozy/chic spectrum, I think it might be just the thing for this weekend's coastal revelry!

(Photos of Mary Kate Steinmiller here and here)